The Vision

Church voices in unity, out in the community, bring a message of hope healing and love.

The Mission

Through Gospel music and its message of hope through Jesus Christ, we aim to promote spiritual and social well-being in the community.

A little bit of history

One of the organisers, Myrtle White, writes “The idea is that Ipswich Community Gospel Choir will involve Christians from many churches in Ipswich and around, of various musical and cultural backgrounds, to sing and celebrate through the rich tradition of gospel music. The choir will serve as an access point for Ipswich to appreciate, learn about and enjoy this truly inspiring expression of faith.

In our churches we understand the power of praise and the wonder of worship with music. Gospel music is uplifting, healing and birthed out of real life changing experiences. Together we want to send out a healing message over our town. We have a message of hope that can be declared through the powerful genre of gospel music.

Jesus prayed for the unity of the believers (John 17). In these times, we need to seek ways to be united so that we are effective in our communities in bringing the message of Jesus Christ.

We believe it is time to sing our song together, telling out our stories so that people’s lives are changed and our communities transformed. It is a season for singing. There is something exciting about Christians in Ipswich coming together!”

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